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     01 * 23 * 2014

 As promised, Rotopex is changing its purpose.  It is no longer a postcard hobby site.  Please go to The Rotograph Project for good information on Rotos.


        Exporto provides an online bookshop with stories, poems, photographs, and essays for your enjoyment and information.  Download some documents for free, others for a nominal fee.  You may preview each document before deciding whether or not to acquire it.  At present, the library consists of e-book files and .pdf files.  Most readers can readily view the .pdf files, even in e-mail.   iBook files download from the Apple bookstore and play on iPads and mobile devices. 

        Blurb ebook files may be purchased and downloaded from the Blurb bookstore and read on Apple devices.  Depending upon the size of the file, I can send free files as Word documents attached to an e-mail if you prefer.  Contact me in that case.  All stories, poems, essays, and photographs © 2013, 2014 Harold Ackerman and may not be reproduced in any form electronic or otherwise, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the author/photographer.


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General Interest

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 Ziva the Cat Comes Back       *

 Surviving quarantine with the family's hyperthyroid cat.  8 pp.      


 Diamonds 2013

 Twenty-two images from the Berwick 9-mile Thanksgiving Run, with Text










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